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ACCAN wants to hear about your experience with your ADSL internet service.

ADSL stands for ‘asymmetric digital subscriber line’. ADSL is a broadband internet connection delivered through the same copper wiring that your home phone may use. The ACCC are soon to begin an inquiry into whether Telstra should continue to provide access to wholesale ADSL services on request. The outcome of the ACCC inquiry could impact price and retail choice of ADSL services for regional, rural and remote consumers.

This is why we have created a 2 minute survey, so we can hear your opinion about your ADSL broadband service. The responses from the survey are anonymous and will help ACCAN understand what you expect from your internet service, so we can advocate for better services in regional, rural and remote Australia.

If you’re interested in sharing your experiences and opinions about ADSL, please fill out this survey:

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