Teresa Corbin - ACCAN CEOACCAN CEO, Teresa Corbin, presented at the CommsDay Summit 2018 in Sydney on 9 April. This year's CommsDay Summit brought together telecoms industry leaders and politicians from across the country to discuss topics including the NBN, 5G, fixed and wireless technologies and the market.

The speakers included Minister for Communications and the Arts, Senator the Hon Mitch Fifield, Telstra CEO, Andy Penn, as well as representatives from NBN, Huawei, Vodafone, ACMA and other telecommunications providers.

Teresa's presentation focused on four of ACCAN's key priorities for consumers in 2018:

• NBN & Consumers

• Consumer Protection

• Rural & Regional Issues

• Latest Affordability Stats

The presentation also provided an overview of ACCAN's engagement with Rural, regional and remote Communications Coalition (RRRCC), better regional mobile coverage, affordable communications and recent findings of households spending more on telecommunications than on energy or water.

“Telecommunications is a significant household expenditure item and on average, households spend more on telecommunications than on energy or water; Children are a key factor in increasing telecommunications expenditure,” said Ms Corbin. “Since 2003 telecommunications expenditure has been increasing for households on lower incomes, while average households have seen decreases in recent years.”

Download the full presentation below.

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