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Your place in the connected world
ACCANect 2017
20-21 September, Sydney

Digital technology has transformed consumer experiences around the world. Everything will be connected: devices, houses, transport, food production, health and government services. The “always connected” world raises big questions.

Join us at ACCANect 2017 and help shape the future for connected consumers.

Consumers can buy products, access information, and communicate with people anywhere in the world with just the touch of a button.  What is your place in the connected world?

Is your personal information safe online?

Do you know what data is being collected about you and are you happy with how it is being used or shared?

How do new services make decisions about you and is it fair?

How can we make sure everyone can access an open internet, as well as benefit from the convenience, choice and lower prices?

ACCANect will be an opportunity for consumers, providers and government representatives to get up to speed on what’s available now, what’s over the horizon and what the benefits and challenges are going forward.

As well as debate and discussion, ACCANect will provide practical tools for those attending to navigate the connected world. We will look at the latest research as well as successful initiatives both here and overseas to promote and improve connectivity.


ACCAN would like to thank Telstra for being the Principal Sponsor of ACCANect again this year.

Telstra logo: Principal sponsor of ACCANect 2017


Further sponsorship opportunities are available on the ACCANect website.

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