Beginning 14 April 2015, the ABC will start trialling Audio Description on its iview online catch-up service. The trial will provide approximately 14 hours of audio described content each week and is expected to run for 15 months.

Audio Description is additional verbal narration that describes visual elements shown on screen during pauses in dialogue. It can describe elements such as scenes, costumes and actions.

Audio Description is important and useful for people with a vision impairment and people with a learning disability as it helps to enhance their understanding of what is happening on screen.

Below we've put together some information on the iview Audio Description trial. We encourage you to share this information with friends and family as there are many Australians who will find Audio Description useful.

Which programs will be Audio Described?

A full list of Audio Described content can be found in the Programs A-Z page in the iview app. When the content is available it will also be listed on the programs page on the iview website. Some of the programs that will have Audio Described episodes include: Poldark, the Redfern Now Telemovie, New Tricks, Tattoo Tales and Bubble Bath Bay.

Programs that have Audio Description available will have an "AD" icon displayed on the iview website and in the app.

Where can I access this content?

At first you will only be able to access Audio Described content using the ABC iview app on Apple iPhones and iPads. Eventually the Audio Described content will also be available on Android smartphones and tablets, the ABC iview website and HbbTV enabled connected TVs.

Do I need special technology to use Audio Description?

You won't need any special technology or equipment to access the Audio Described content, but you might need to update your app to access the Audio Described content. Check in the App Store or Google Play Store (depending on what device you use) to check if you need to update your iview app.

Will AD affect my data usage?

Playing a program with Audio Description shouldn't increase your data usage. We'd recommend connecting to your home or work Wi-Fi before watching programs on your smartphone because streaming videos can use up mobile data allowances very quickly.

Where do I go to ask questions about the iview Audio Description trial?

If you have any further questions about the Audio Description trial or are having trouble accessing programs, you can call the Audio Description Helpline on 02 8333 3248. This is a message bank service that will ask you to record your name, contact details and a brief description of your query. An ABC staff member will then give you a call back as soon as possible.

For general enquiries and assistance with iview, visit the iview FAQs page or submit a query vie the contact form.

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