Women's Legal Services, NSW

Grant round: 2011

Grant Amount: $49,646

This project held workshops on cyberbullying with young Indigenous Australian women in secondary schools in regional and rural NSW, and taught the students about their legal rights. They participated in group discussions about the issue, and learned how to respond, how to stop it from happening, and how to seek restitution for harm done if necessary. A culturally appropriate approach reached those who would not use mainstream online information, and community and school-based workshops were delivered in a secure environment with elders that young women respect. Parents and community leaders learned about what can happen to young people online and what they can do to help protect young women in cyberspace.

Two of the online resources produced as part of the project include a series of vox pops and another video which will be used to train other organisations to conduct cyberbullying workshops and to raise awareness of the issue. Both clips feature young people's thoughts and experiences of cyberbullying and were filmed at the 2012 Yabun festival.