Man standing in front of media wallQueensland University of Technology, Digital Media Research Centre

Grant round: 2016

Amount: $59,860

This project assessed the relative availability of digital media content to Australian consumers, focusing on download and streaming services. The most popular content was sampled across film, television, music and games, and availability evaluated across three criteria: pricing, timeliness, and diversity of delivery channel options (including quality and format choices). This data is being used in an ongoing comparison between the Australian and US media markets.

Links to the detailed report are below. It visualises and explains the data on content availability, helping Australian consumers to make informed choices about digital media content.

Download the report

Download: pdfAustralian consumer access to digital content3.36 MB
Download: docxAustralian consumer access to digital content (accessible version)3.28 MB

Videos and Infographics

If you're a consumer and want to know how to make the most of your subscriptions, have a look at the videos and infographics over at the Digital Media Observatory.