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Link to Consumer Top Tips information pack

Top Tips for Phones and Internet

Access our Consumer Information pack of top tips. The pack consists of five brochures and bookmarks that cover common consumer issues


Link to Consumer Tipsheet: Use less data on your mobile phone

How to use less data on your smartphone

Don't let your smartphone chew through your data allowance, see how smart consumers save!


Link to Consumer Tipsheet: Travelling overseas with a mobile phone

Travelling overseas with a mobile phone

Consider your options when travelling overseas with your mobile phone.


Link to consumer tip sheet: How to make a complaint that gets heard

How to make a complaint that gets heard.

If you have a problem with your phone or internet provider, you have a right to complain. Making a successful complaint is pretty straightforward.


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  • We’ve launched our new website 03 May 16

    You may have noticed that we’ve launched our brand new website. We’ve been working on the new website for quite some time and we’re very excited to finally have it up and running. The new website is more user-friendly, mobile-friendly and of course, it is accessible to consumers who use assistive...

  • What to do if you get third party charges on your phone bill 27 Apr 16

    Recently there has been a spike in complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) regarding Mobile Premium Services (MPS). There have also been a few case studies reported in the media. Traditionally MPS are services that consumers can subscribe to such as SMS horoscopes, quiz games...

  • Facebook group helping rural consumers with internet issues 18 Apr 16

    How often do you use the internet each week? Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in February 2016 showed that the mean number of hours spent per week on the internet for both males and females is 10 hours. Ten hours per week doesn’t seem like much time, but when you think...

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Watch our YouTube videos featuring some of Australia’s best-known disability advocates talking about the technologies and apps that have changed their lives as well as their daily frustrations of dealing with websites and apps that haven’t been made accessible to people with disability.

The videos underline the reason why ACCAN and Telstra are partnering to hold the M-Enabling Australasia 2013 conference – making mobile technologies accessible for people with disability and older consumers. The conference takes place on Wednesday 14 – Thursday 15 August in Sydney.

Emeritus Professor Ron McCallum
Ron McCallum is an Australian legal academic and the first totally blind person to be appointed to a full professorship in any subject at any university in Australia or New Zealand. He is an expert in labour law and has served as a Professor and Dean of Law at the University of Sydney. (watch video)

Renee Eliades
Renne Eliades is a Steve Waugh Foundation Ambassador. She has geleophysic dysplasia, a form of dwarfism that affects one in a million people. It prevents her bones from growing and leaves her dependent on bottled oxygen. (watch video)

Alex Jones
Alex Jones is Co-Founder and Brand Ambassador of Access Innovation Media (Ai-Media). Alex was born deaf, and has not let that stand in the way of pursuing his career in acting, educating and advocating for Deaf and hearing impaired people, and others with a disability. (watch video)

Graeme Innes
Graeme Innes is Australia's Disability Discrimination Commissioner and is blind. Graeme is a lawyer, mediator, company director and has been a human rights practitioner for 30 years in NSW, WA and nationally. (watch video)

Tony Jones
Tony Jones is a policy & advocacy officer for Spinal Cord Injuries Australia and works for the NSW Parliament as research and policy advisor to Jan Barham, Greens MLC. Tony has been in a wheelchair since he was 18 after a fall from a balcony. (watch video)