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Link to Consumer Top Tips information pack

Top Tips for Phones and Internet

Access our Consumer Information pack of top tips. The pack consists of five brochures and bookmarks that cover common consumer issues


Link to Consumer Tipsheet: Use less data on your mobile phone

How to use less data on your smartphone

Don't let your smartphone chew through your data allowance, see how smart consumers save!


Link to Consumer Tipsheet: Travelling overseas with a mobile phone

Travelling overseas with a mobile phone

Consider your options when travelling overseas with your mobile phone.


Link to consumer tip sheet: How to make a complaint that gets heard

How to make a complaint that gets heard.

If you have a problem with your phone or internet provider, you have a right to complain. Making a successful complaint is pretty straightforward.


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  • What to do if you get third party charges on your phone bill 27 Apr 16

    Recently there has been a spike in complaints to the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) regarding Mobile Premium Services (MPS). There have also been a few case studies reported in the media. Traditionally MPS are services that consumers can subscribe to such as SMS horoscopes, quiz games...

  • Facebook group helping rural consumers with internet issues 18 Apr 16

    How often do you use the internet each week? Statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics released in February 2016 showed that the mean number of hours spent per week on the internet for both males and females is 10 hours. Ten hours per week doesn’t seem like much time, but when you think...

  • How do you pay your bill? 14 Apr 16

    How do you pay your phone and internet bills? Direct debit from a bank account or credit card? Over the phone or online? How about by BPAY or in person at your provider's store or Australia Post? The amount of billing methods available is overwhelming. Each provider has a different range of...

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ACCAN Launches Updated Community Consultation Guide for Round 2 of the Mobile Black Spot Programme

The Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) has released the 2nd Edition of its Community Consultation Guide in time for Round 2 of the Federal Government's Mobile Black Spot Programme (MBSP).

Mobile coverage is a key issue for consumers, particularly those who live in regional, rural, and remote areas. Improving mobile coverage is also one of ACCAN's key work priorities.

Tips for picking a good value NBN internet plan

Man using iPadWith the NBN rollout picking up momentum, it is time to check out the best value plans on the market. We have had a running debate around the ACCAN office about what good value actually means in a telco product – is it the cheapest? What about quality? Good value means different things to different people, for most people it is probably the best quality you can afford.

Check ISP quality

If you are an occasional user who just gets online for email and a little web browsing, most NBN products will easily perform to your needs. But to get the most out of the extra NBN speed you will want to start streaming high definition (HD) video. Whether it is for overseas video chatting, entertainment, tele-health or work, video performance is the main measure of a good quality internet service provider (ISP).

What ‘28 day months’ mean for you

Young man using smartphoneMany plans, including pre-paid plans and some month to month plans, on the market now work on a '28 day month' meaning your credit expires after 28 days, rather than the traditional 30 or 31 days of a calendar month. This is not an entirely new practice, but it is a price hike that will affect consumers who prefer pre-paid plans or month to month contracts that do not lock you in. These consumers will get 13 bills during the year rather than 12.

Twenty-eight day plans are used by Optus, Telstra, Vodafone, Virgin Mobile and amaysim. Optus, Telstra and Vodafone also offer 30 day pre-paid plans.