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Before you sign up for a mobile phone contract or new plan, it is important that you fully understand what is included. You should ask your provider the following questions:

  1. How much do I have to pay each month?
    What is the minimum cost of the plan each month, including the handset?

  2. What is included in the plan?
    How much data and how many texts and calls are included each month?

  3. What types of calls are not included in the plan?
    How much does it cost to call 13/1300 numbers and to call overseas?

  4. Minimum amount
    What is the minimum amount you will have to pay over the duration of the plan?

  5. Mobile reception
    Does the provider have good network reception in the areas where you live, work and travel? If you are signing up with a mobile reseller that uses the Telstra network (for example Aldimobile) be aware that you will not get the full range of coverage offered by Telstra.

  6. Charges for going over your limit
    What will you be charged if you go over your data or call limit? Ask how you can check how much data and calls you have used to make sure you do not go over your monthly limit. Usually your provider will have an app or an online account you can sign into to check your usage. Our article on excess data charges explains how some telcos charge for excess data.

  7. Global roaming
    How much will you have to pay to make calls, send texts or use data if you go overseas? For more information on global roaming, access our tip sheet.

  8. Ending your contract early
    What will you have to pay if you want to end your contract early?

  9. Can I keep my number?
    Are you able to keep your existing mobile number?

  10. Unlisted numbers (not listed in the phone directory)
    Will it cost extra to have an unlisted or silent number?