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You may want to end your contract early if you are moving house, or if you cannot use your phone or internet in the way you would reasonably expect to. Remember that your provider can charge you penalty or cancellation fees if you want to end your contract early.

Not satisfied with your service? You have the right to receive a service that works as advertised.

Here is what you can do:

  1. Make a complaint to your provider
  2. Consider contacting the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) if you are not satisfied with your provider’s response. The TIO is a free service that will help to resolve your complaint quickly.
  3. You might find that you will be allowed to exit the contract without paying any fees – or that your provider offers you a better deal to stay with them.

Moving house?

If you relocate while under contract, a contract break fee or relocation fee may apply.

Changing plans?

Generally, if you want to keep your service but upgrade to a more expensive plan, your provider will not charge you for doing so – the contract will just continue for the agreed term.

But if you want to move on to a cheaper plan, your provider might consider that a ‘termination’ of your original contract and charge you cancellation fees. Make sure you check before you request any changes to your service.