The ACCC has resumed its inquiries into NBN’s access pricing and wholesale service standards. ACCAN has previously responded to these inquiries:

Price inquiry

ACCAN maintains that the ACCC’s focus on regulating the 12Mbps download and 1Mbps upload plans to ensure an equivalent quality and price of legacy services does not promote the long-term interest of end users. This is due to the following reasons:

  • The 12/1 service does not reflect modern day needs of consumers; COVID-19 has highlighted the need of high-speed uploads.

  • The price structure will incentivise RSPs to encourage consumers onto lower speeds which will likely result in dissatisfaction.

  • Given the time, effort and money involved in migrating to NBN, consumers need to receive value from migrating, either through price and/or quality improvements.

  • The proposals do not go far enough to tackle affordability issues. We continue to call for a targeted concessional service.

Wholesale service standards

ACCAN considers that the proposed amounts for missed service standards are insufficient to create incentives for NBN to maintain high levels of service standards. Additionally, the rebates are not enough to reflect the harm caused to consumers and compensate effectively.

Generally, NBN’s proposals are an improvement from the current situation. However, ACCAN is concerned that they are not aspirational enough to bring significant benefits to consumers. We consider that service standards would be better overseen by the Minister, following the changes to legislation which allow the Minister to set the standards for Statutory Infrastructure Providers.

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