NBN Co is consulting on options to change its wholesale prices to lift the demand for its broadband services, and on options for managing network usage to make services more attractive for retailers and consumers. Unusually, NBN Co has published its consultation paper, a move supported by ACCAN.

ACCAN’s submission argues that the introduction of a targeted concessional broadband service for low income households is the best way to lift uptake of NBN services. Low income households spend a higher proportion of income on communications services, and find NBN services unaffordable and expensive. Stimulating take up of services will allow NBN to realise its potential in delivering economic growth and productivity gains, while allowing consumers improved access to services and opportunities. While our submission welcomes nbn’s proposed future consultation on a targeted concessional service, we argue this must be prioritised to address the urgent needs of low income households. Our approach is supported by letters from Anglicare Australia, and the Regional, Rural and Remote Communications Coalition.

Our submission details our concerns that adjustments to the 12Mbps and 25Mbps services proposed by nbn are not adequate to meet consumer needs, and stimulate mass market take up. We urge NBN Co to consider a reduced entry price for voice only services, and make a number of constructive recommendations for product design improvements that will support the services consumers need.

For more information, you can read our full submission below:
pdfACCAN submission to NBN Pricing Review Consultation Paper 22 MB