‘Standards Australia is reviewing the ways in which it distributes and licenses its standards. Standards are documents that set a benchmark for how something should be done or made by an individual, company, or industry. They can be adopted into regulation or legislation. Standards Australia has been investigating how to license and distribute standards in a way that delivers:

  • Greater reach for Standards Australia’s content,
  • Better awareness and use of standards,
  • Financial sustainability.

In our submission, ACCAN recognised how valuable standards are in providing consumer protections and promoting best practice in a broad range of industries, including telecommunications. We voiced concerns about cost and accessibility barriers in the traditional standards licensing and distribution. Our submission called for Standards Australia to ensure fair and equitable access to standards for consumers.

We proposed a framework with three distinct categories of distribution:

  • Standards where the consumer pays no cost
  • Standards where some consumer pays a concessional price
  • Standards where the consumer pays a general price, but discounts are available on certain types of purchases’. 


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