Migrating to the National Broadband Network (NBN) is a complex process. It requires the coordination of a number of parties including Telstra, nbn, consumers and retail service providers. The Department of Communications and the Arts has revised its migration framework principles, to try to ensure that consumers and businesses experience a smooth transition.

Consumer experience of switching to the NBN has been very mixed, with consumers encountering issues including long periods of outages, repeated faults and missed appointments. The next three years will see an acute number of premises switching to nbn, which will test the procedures that exist further. ACCAN believes that it is vital to have rigorous frameworks in place, to ensure positive consumer outcomes and clear avenues for consumers to use if difficulties arise.

In providing feedback to the Department of Communications and the Arts, ACCAN has suggested additional responsibilities on nbn, Telstra, Optus and retail service providers which will help protect consumers.

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