The mobile phone is arguably more important than the fixed phone line for personal and business communications in regional and remote Australia, but users without reliable mobile coverage are missing out on this communications revolution. ACCAN has advocated strongly on this issue for a number of years and believes that the Australian Government has a vital role to play in improving mobile coverage in regional and remote Australia.

ACCAN recommends that:

  • Regional and remote mobile communications receive a targeted strategic focus and policy from the government.

  • The government undertake an in-depth study of regional and remote mobile communications, including what existing infrastructure can be utilised to extend coverage. Particular attention should be paid to the Broadband for the Bush Alliance (B4BA) discussion paper: 'Extending remote cellular mobile communications'.

  • The government commit to a benchmark for towns and highways to have reliable coverage.

  • A co-investment initiative between federal, state and territory governments be investigated to provide the infrastructure for mobile carriers along major highways and towns with permanent residents of more than 300 people.

  • The government include mobile communications as part of National Broadband Network policy.

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