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There are a number of options to get voice services:

  1. You can continue to use your current voice services.

  2. You may be able to use voice over broadband (called Voice over IP or VoIP) from your retail service provider.

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Consumers in satellite areas can continue to use existing phone and internet services (except ISS services).


What is VoIP?

VoIP is a service that uses the internet to make voice calls, instead of the traditional copper connection.

VoIP offered through retail service providers may be of comparable quality to your current voice service. However, you are likely to experience a delay when calling other satellite phones. If you use medical alarms, faxes or are priority assistance then you will not be able to use Sky Muster for these services and should continue to use your current service.

VoIP works by connecting your current telephone to your router. This may require the use of an additional piece of equipment, called an Analogue Telephone Adapter or ATA.

VoIP can also be offered online through over the top providers, such as Skype. They usually work through your computer or devices and use microphone headphones. However, these are not as reliable and you may experience some poor performance.

What costs are associated with VoIP?

Calls are charged in a similar way to your current voice services, but may cost less.

Note: As VoIP uses the broadband connection, making and receiving calls will also use your data allowance. Calls usually use a very small amount of data. However, if you use up all of your data you may no longer be able to make or recieved calls over this service.

Can I contact Triple Zero (000) and 106 Emergency Call Services using VoIP?

A VoIP service from your retail service provider should be able to contact emergency services.

Online VoIP services, such as Skype, are not able to access emergency services.

Can I get priority assistance services?

No. Sky Muster does not offer priority assistance services. You will need to continue to use your current voice services to access priority assistance.

Can I use disability equipment over VoIP?

Disability equipment, such as TTYs may work with Sky Muster. You should check with your retail service provider and ask them to test it to see if the equipment works before arranging disconnection of existing services.

Can I keep my number with a VoIP service?

You may be able to keep your number. Ask your retail service provider.

Will there be a difference in the quality of service between VoIP and my current voice service?

To prevent any loss in performance of voice service you should ask your retail service provider to ensure that Quality of Service settings are enabled across all your equipment.

Satellites are known to experience delay (latency) issues. This can impact services such as VoIP. This is likely to affect calls between two satellite phones.

Can I bundle Sky Muster services with my current voice service?

Yes, some providers are offering a bundle of current voice services with Sky Muster broadband.

Can I just get a VoIP service and not a broadband plan?

No, you have to purchase a broadband plan in order to get a VoIP service.


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VoIP services will not work in power outages.

Consider what alternative arrangements you need in case of power outages.