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Teacher and students representing distance education


Sky Muster will also be used to deliver services in partnership with educational, community and healthcare service providers.

For example, educational services will be delivered in partnership with State and Territory Departments of Education. The process for connecting will differ depending on the body delivering the service.

My child receives distance education, what service will they receive and when?

Premises with geographically isolated children who receive distance education and are in Sky Muster designated areas, may be eligible to receive a second service to their premises which offers an additional 50GB per month per student (up to 150GB for 3 students - special arrangements may be made for sites with more than 3 students).

Your RSP will be able to verify the process required to place an application. Arrangements are on a state and territory basis.

There are currently four providers offering education services over Sky Muster. You can choose between two speed tiers (12/1Mbps and 25/5Mbps) and port options (all children's education through the same port or different ports).


ANT Communications

Harbour ISP

Sky Mesh

Is this available for other education services, such as university?

No, educational services will only be available to distance education school children.