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Hand holding ethernet cable behind modemConsumers who are unable to get a broadband service often face a confusing and frustrating time.

ACCAN's Get Connected resource aims to help consumers understand the issues around why they are unable to get a broadband service and tips on how to get a service.

The mapping tool helps to understand the reasons that prevent a neighbourhood from getting an ADSL (Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line) broadband service. For example, if there are few ports available at the local exchange, if the neighbourhood is too far from an exchange or if the exchange is not ADSL enabled. It also provides consumers with a timeline of how long the neighbourhood may have issues.

The six helpful steps suggest actions that consumers can take to get a broadband service.

ADSL availability map

The map was prepared using available data from Telstra (June 2016), nbn (October 2015) and the Department of Communications and Arts (MyBroadband Version 4 2016). It identifies areas, and the reasons, that may be unable to get an ADSL service and when these areas will have services over NBN.

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Six helpful steps if you can’t get a broadband service

Not being able to get an internet service can be extremely frustrating.

ACCAN has put together these options of broadband services for consumers struggling to get an ADSL internet service.

Note: We have assumed that an average household needs at least 50GB of data a month. Each household is different. An average house using Satellite internet uses 32GB of data a month (April 2017), while an average h...

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