Australian Family

Everyone in Australia should have access to affordable phone and internet goods and services that meet their needs. However, the affordability of communications services and devices remains a problem for people on low incomes and contributes to financial hardship and debt issues. Mobile and home broadband services have become increasingly expensive and are out of reach for many households facing cost of living pressures. Furthermore, there is a lack of information and promotion of more affordable devices and services, and at the same time a confusing array of complex offers which results in consumers entering contracts for products not suited to their needs.

To address these affordability concerns, ACCAN will continue working to ensure that programs delivering direct relief to low income individuals are available across a choice of providers, and that consumers have the information they need about services suited to their budget where choice is available. We will advocate for affordable access to services and devices, and for greater availability and choice of services suited to the needs of small businesses. We will continue calling for more affordable voice services and will provide information to consumers about affordable mobile services on offer. We will continue advocating for the delivery of an affordable, concessional, home broadband service for households on limited incomes, as part of our No Australian Left Offline home broadband priority, so that all households that can benefit from connection to a fast NBN broadband service are able to do so. By focusing our affordability policy work on these areas, ACCAN believes that phone and internet goods and services will be made more affordable for many Australian households.