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The purpose of the Indigenous Advisory Forum (IAF) is to discuss the most important telecommunications consumer issues from the perspective of key representative in the Indigenous consumer/community's environment and the people they represent, with a view to incorporating these into ACCAN's work priorities.

The function of the IAF is to:

  • Provide advice to ACCAN on priority issues for Indigenous consumers and suggest strategies to achieve positive outcomes.

  • Discuss emerging technologies and policy developments in communications affecting Indigenous consumers and identify potential relevance to communities.

  • Discuss relevant research to assist in the development of coordinated and unified consumer positions supported by an evidence base.

  • Act to bring information from Indigenous consumers to the attention of ACCAN and to assist disseminate information from ACCAN to communities

Terms of Reference

Download: docIndigenous Advisory Forum Terms of Reference.doc67 KB

Download: pdfIndigenous Advisory Forum Terms of Reference.pdf146.51 KB

Meeting Reports

June 2020

Download:  docxIAF Meeting Report 202056.8 KB

Download:  pdfIAF Meeting Report 2020208.97 KB

March 2019

Download:  docxIAF Meeting Report 201962.14 KB

Download:  pdfIAF Meeting Report 2019801.84 KB

April 2018

Download:  docxIAF Meeting Report 201859.05 KB

Download:  pdfIAF Meeting Report 2018633.62 KB

August 2016

Download: docxIAF Meeting Report 201660.91 KB

Download: pdfIAF Meeting Report 2016831.55 KB

August 2015

Download:docxIAF Meeting Report_final.docx61.17 KB

Download: pdfIAF Meeting Report_final.pdf624.66 KB