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Tips for people in NBN switch-over areas

Your area is being switched-over to the NBN fixed line network. That means the old phone and broadband network is being switched off soon. You need to switch your service over to an NBN plan if you want to continue using fixed line services, such as phone, internet or security and medical alarms. Here are ACCAN's top tips for switching over to the NBN.

  1. Be prepared
    Switching to the NBN is not automatic. When services become available in your area you have 18 months to switch. NBN will let you know what date you need to switch-over by. After this date the old network will be switched off and you will lose any services still in use.

  2. Consider what services you use and need
    Consider all the services that you use. This includes special equipment and services, such as security alarms, teletypewriters and medical alarms. Make sure they will all work on the NBN. You should register your medical alarm on nbn’s register. If you live in an apartment building, ask management if the fire alarms and lift phones are also being switched over. These services will be lost if they are not switched over to the NBN. Our article: NBN – not just about internet services!, outlines other services that may be affected when you switch to the NBN.

  3. Choose a provider
    Your primary point of contact is your service provider. This could be your current internet/phone provider or a new provider. The switch over could be a good time to compare different plans. Be aware that providers may charge fees to cancel your current plan. Also there may be additional charges for an NBN plan, such as connection and equipment fees. Using a comparator website such as WhistleOut to compare plans can help you choose. Our article: Tips for picking a good value NBN internet plan, can also help. Once you’ve chosen a provider, the important thing is to get your order in so your landline doesn’t get cut off.

  4. NBN installation
    Standard NBN connection is free. An installer may be required to visit your premises, your retail service provider will advise you of the process depending on your location. This is an ideal time to ensure that your internet connection equipment is in the best location for where you need to use the service.

  5. Be wary of people asking for money
    Always check the installer’s ID. Installers will never ask you for money. If a special installation is required, your provider will give you a quote for how much this will cost. If you are happy with the quote, you will pay your provider, not the installers.

What if I only want a phone service?
If you only want a phone you will still need to switch. The phone will plug into the NBN box or modem. An additional piece of equipment, called an analogue telephone adapter (ATA) may be required.

What if I don't want to be connected?
You don’t have to have fixed line phone and internet services. There may be alternative mobile services available which suit your needs better.

Can I connect later on?
If you don't take up an NBN service, your phone and internet services will be disconnected. You can take up an NBN service after the switch-over date. Contact your service provider for more information.

For more information on installations, go to the nbn website.

If you have problems which your service provider can’t resolve, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman on 1800 062 058.