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If your mobile phone handset is not working, you could be entitled to a replacement, repair or refund depending on the situation. Your consumer rights are set out under the Australian Consumer Law.

Mobile phones are commonly purchased under 24-month contracts. It is reasonable to expect that a phone supplied on a 24-month contract should remain free of defects for that period.

What to do

  • If you have a problem with a mobile phone handset, you should first contact the business you bought it from. If you purchased it on a contract from a mobile provider, return it to the provider. If you bought it outright from a retailer, return it to the retailer. The ACCC has information on its website on making a consumer complaint to a business.
  • If you are unable to resolve your complaint directly, you can contact the ACCC or your state’s consumer affairs or fair trading department for more information on your consumer rights and options. The ACCC has information on where to go for consumer help on its website.