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Before you buy

Download speeds advertised by internet service providers (ISPs) may not be the same as you will receive in your home.

It's very hard for anyone to know in advance what speed you are going to get. This is because there are many different factors involved, such as:

  • How far away your home is from the telephone exchange.
  • The quality of the wire from the telephone exchange to your house.
  • Your own hardware and modem.

After you buy

If you can't use the internet in the way you need due to poor speeds or connection problems, you should:

  1. Test your speed
    Use Ookla's Speedtest to determine your internet speeds so you can compare these to your ISP's advertised speeds.
  2. Slow speed?
    If your speeds are consistently lower than thoseadvertised by your ISP, contact them and clearly state that you want to make a complaint. Explain how your internet is slow or unreliable. Make a record of each complaint you make to your service provider. Our tip sheet: How to make a complaint that gets heard can help you contact your provider.
  3. Troubleshoot
    You may need to do some troubleshooting with your ISP to see if you they can help you fix the problem.
  4. Satisfied?
    If you are satisfied with the solution your provider offers, which may involve a technician looking at your connection, or a replacement of equipment, your provider has 10 days to do what they promised.
  5. Not satisfied?
    If your problem still isn't fixed, contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO is a free service that will help to resolve your complaint quickly.