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  1. Be aware that when service providers advertise short term savings, these may not result in long term savings.

  2. Watch that your download limits on your phone and internet are not exceeded. You can do this by using your telco's app or online account.

  3. Start on a low plan and monitor your usage. If you need to you can usually increase your plan without penalty but you can't always decrease it within your contract time.

  4. It is not always necessary to change plan if you keep exceeding your limits, you may simply need to change your calling habits. For example make calls during off-peak times or free hours.

  5. Before signing up for a bundle deal (mobile, Internet and fixed line) consider your average usage and whether this package meets your everyday needs.

  6. Being on the same network as friends and family can give you savings on your bill.

  7. Make sure you understand your current bill before you make changes to your plan. Note any new offers and the impact these may have on your charges.

  8. Always read the Critical Information Summary (CIS) before signing contracts. The CIS will have all the important information you need to know about the service you're signing up for.

  9. Beware of terms such as "free" and "unlimited" – always ask if there are any conditions attached to these offers. Also beware of asterisks (*) or other symbols –make sure you read what they refer to. In particular, make sure you understand any limitations and exceptions which can lead to extra charges.

  10. Be cautious of hidden costs such as message bank, voice mail, directory numbers, exclusions on 13 and 1300 numbers.

  11. The payment methods for your bill can add up to extra costs, and can differ from provider to provider. Details on the charges should be available on the service provider's website or through their customer service line.

  12. Be aware that most service providers are now charging for paper bills.

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