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Did you know that calls to Directory Assistance 1223 and other directory phone numbers may not be free of charge from your mobile or landline phone? Sometimes these calls are charged outside of your included plan value, so you may receive extra charges on your bill from calling these numbers.

Whenever possible, you should avoid calling directory assistance numbers and instead use one of the alternatives listed below.

If you have to call directory assistance, check what your provider charges for these calls. Charges are listed below for a number of different mobile and landline providers. If you are calling directory assistance frequently your bill might be quite expensive.

Alternatives to calling directory assistance

There are free alternatives to calling directory assistance numbers. Whenever possible, you should opt to use these free options to get directory information:

  • Use the White Pages website or even perform a simple Google search of the business name or the type of service you are looking for.
  • Use the White Pages app that you can download on your smartphone.
  • If you do not have regular internet access or prefer to have a physical copy of your free local White Pages phone book, you can order these from Directory Select. Internet access is needed to order a phone book.

Charges for directory assistance calls

Landlines (as at 15 November, 2017)



Directory assistance number



(exemptions apply for Telstra pensioner discount, see information below)

Directory Assistance 1223 $0.50/call
Optus Directory Assistance 1223 $0.50/call
TPG Directory Assistance 1223 $1.10/call


Telstra exemption

Telstra pensioner discount holders will not be charged for calls from landlines to Directory Assistance 1223. Telstra offers holders of eligible Pension Concession Cards, issued either by Department of Human Services (Centrelink) or the Department of Veterans' Affairs, a 'Telstra Pensioner Discount' on their eligible fixed line service. Visit the Telstra website for more information. To see if you qualify for the pensioner discount, contact Telstra on 13 2200 or visit a Telstra store.

Mobiles (as at 15 November, 2017)


Directory assistance number



Directory Assistance 1223





Directory Assistance 1223

$0.90/minute; plus
$1.75 flagfall




123 ‘Ask Anything’

1223 & 1225 numbers

Charges depend on your plan. Check the Vodafone website for call rates.

Virgin Mobile


$0.49/30secs; and

$0.99 for call connection



$0.15/minute; and

$1.50 flagfall