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ACCAN has made a submission to the South Australian Fire and Emergency Service Commission in response to the independent review of the 2019/20 bushfire season. ACCAN’s submission focused on the impact of bushfires on communications infrastructure and reliability, and how this affected communications consumers.

In our submission, ACCAN raised the following key points:

  • There must be greater collaboration to protect and restore communications infrastructure during national disasters, and important discussions must occur regarding network redundancy and resiliency;
  • Greater consumer education is required to ensure that consumers are aware of how power or communications outages will affect their access to phone and internet services;
  • Emergency broadcasts and communications with community members must occur in a timely and accessible manner, across a range of different accessible technologies and formats;
  • All consumers must have equal access to the emergency call service (000, 112 and 106);
  • Research and trials should be undertaken into how Sky Muster satellite services could be expanded to keep small businesses connected and support local communities through outages; and
  • The Regional Connectivity Package and the Mobile Black Spots program could help support bushfire ravaged communities get back on their feet.

Download: docxACCAN South Australian 2019-2020 bushfire review96.43 KB
Download: pdfACCAN South Australian 2019-2020 bushfire review309.76 KB