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John was caught by Directory Services on his 'Unlimited' Plan

After being injured at work, John is now on a worker's comp pension, and isn't used to the charges he was previously able to afford. He got a plan that was labelled 'unlimited'... Even so, he ended up with more to pay.

"I signed up for a new $50 'UNLIMITED' plan. They have a directory service phone number. I ring when internet is difficult or i need the number super fast.

I made 2 calls; they are charged @ $7 each. I thought getting them to text the result rather than connect me would make it cheaper but no...... $7 as soon as you're connected. On top of the usual bill!

I was enquiring about training from Workcover .... Imagine if it was to report a life threatening situation on a building site on my previous plan . That would cost $20 to make the call!"

Mel now has a bad credit rating

As a young person Mel didn't realise what she was getting into.

"When I was young I lived on the street. So I'd lose a lot of phones or they'd get stolen from me. Then when I was old enough to get a phone plan I got them and then I had a lot of trouble with that, so they blocked the phone. I'd get rid of the phone and get another one and then they kept letting me sign up for plans that I couldn't pay. Now they've given me a bad credit rating so I can't get another plan."