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Financial Counsellors

Often, phone, mobile and internet providers do not give out financial hardship contact details directly to customers, even if they know there is a problem with the bill. However, many financial counsellors know the systems well. Financial counsellors may also know other services you can use as well as other forms of assistance you could be eligible for. This is another reason why contacting a financial counsellor can be really useful.

To contact a financial counsellor call 1800 007 007.

Financial Counseling Australia has also set up a helpful website for their National Debt Helpline.

Alternatively, we have contact details for the three main telecommunications providers in Australia listed below. You'll also find information on the hardship policies of these providers.

National Children's and Youth Law Centre

The National Children's and Youth Law Centre offers a free legal service for Australian children and young people that provides legal advice, information and referrals by email. If you are under 25 years old and need legal advice about aspects of your phone contract or other associated issues, such as debt, you can access the service here: