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Completed grants

Australian National University: School of Accounting and Business Information Systems

Project title: Competition and comparability in the consumer mobile telecommunications sector

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $30,806

Women's Legal Services NSW

Project title: Technology-facilitated stalking and abuse

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $54,123.40

Queensland Remote Aboriginal Media

Project title: Yarning and Learning: Communication use and issues in remote Indigenous communities

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $42,100

Able Australia

Grant round: 2014

Northern Melbourne Institute of TAFE

Grant round: 2013

Southern Cross University

Grant round: 2013

Vision Australia

Project title: Document Accessibility Toolbar (DAT)

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $34,158

Justice Connect

Project title: Don't just sign on the dotted line

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $40,113

Royal Melbourne Institute for Technology (RMIT)

Grant round: 2013

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University

Project title: Personal Cloud Use in Australia: Consumer expectations, experience and impact on communications consumption

Grant round: 2014

Grant: $38,699.60

Financial Counselling Australia (FCA)

Grant Awarded: 2012

The University of Sydney

Grant round: 2013