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Sky Muster satellites were purpose-built to provide a fast broadband connection to Australian homes and businesses, so it is expected to perform to a higher standard than previous satellite services.

With Sky Muster services you will be able to take advantage of a broader range of services available over the internet, such as listening to radio, data voice calls (called Voice over IP or VoIP), tele-health and streaming movies as well as checking email, browsing the internet, banking online, and accessing government websites.

Note: Care must be taken with activities requiring high levels of data to ensure usage caps are not exceeded.

Are there things I will not be able to do?

Due to the distance of the satellite, services which require instant communication may not be as responsive as an earth based network. This time delay is called latency. Activities such as voice calls and online auctions may be affected.

Will Sky Muster work during all weather conditions?

Sky Muster, like all satellite services, is affected by weather conditions. The weather at your house and at the ground station, such as rain, storms, cloud cover and dust may all affect services. nbn has specially designed the dishes to adapt to different circumstances, such as storms. However, you might experience lower performance levels during some weather conditions and there may be periods where the service does not work.

You should be aware of this if Sky Muster is your only source of communication. Alternative options should be considered in cases of emergencies.

Will speeds and performance on Sky Muster be better than previous services?

It is expected that services will perform better and be more reliable. Sky Muster is offering two speed levels: up to 12/1Mbps and 25/5Mbps. This is faster than current satellite services, which offer up to 6Mbps.